Im 15 and drink alcohol ? help?!

Question: Im 15 and drink alcohol ? help?
it started around september . I have been drinking about 3 shots of 40 % alcohol pretty much every other friday till the end of december and now my liver is swelling up and ive been to the doctor to take a blood test and see what might be wrong. I know its not good to drink underage and that i was stupid for it but i never expected there to be any problems like this. I have never been informed of things that could happen if you drink alcohol until i recently searched it up . So Im just wondering if drinking for 4 months every other weekend could cause very serious problems to the liver? and what should i do from now on ? Im reallly really scared.


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It's okay, I have a good idea. What you can ask your parent or guardian to take all the alcohol out of the house, and when you're in the store and get into the liquor isle, just pass it. Also, if you happen to be at a party and there is beer or something, just ask someone to drive you home. Also, talk to your parent or guardian about this. Even though they may be upset, they will be glad you were honest with them. If people around you are starting to try to upset you for being sober, tell them that at least you're trying to save your health than drink until you get drunk or get alcohol poisoning. I hope this helps. I may be a little young to know about what to do, since I have never had this experience, but I know some people who were alcoholics and became sober. I really hope this helps you.

You're too young to be drinking alcohol. Just stop drinking it until you are the legal age and a little more knowledgeable about it. Now you have a reason to stop since you are having liver problems. I think that is motivation enough to make you quit. Maybe you should think about the deeper reasons why you have been drinking in the first place.

Ask your doctor more about your liver condition and if you can drink again in the future (when a little older of course). I'm not too knowledgeable about the liver so I can't answer that.

im curious as to how you know your liver is swelling up, cause you didnt mention going to a doctor to see.. You cannot see what your liver is doing from the outside of your body.. if your front chest is swelling up, its either you are getting fatter by eating too much or maybe you are pregnant (are you a female)..
Also liver doesnt swell up with alcohol problems, the liver hardens... (lived through this with a grandfather that drank a lot)

You might get caught to the police as you cant handle it properly if drunk,as you are young stop drinking it until you are the legal age,you may get to alcohol poisoning if this goes on.also you are having the liver problem it is good to your body to stop it

one of my best friends started drinking at a young age
and it literally ruined his life.
he lost all the ppl important to him because while
he was drunk he was a diff person.
his lost his relationship because alchol became his relationship
he lost his job, because he stayed up late nights getting drunk
and now he has nothing.
all im saying is due what u want
but think about your future.

Please stop drinking. It's not good for you at all. If it's a small glass of redwine or something everynow and then than ok. Im 18 and I never drank alcohol and it's because I choose not too. You've got so much things ahead of you Just Stop point blank period. Go live and have fun

Simple.No drink alcohol.You can police yourself even you are's the best time to stop with this permissive kind of drug.ITS A DRUG and drugs are the beginning of the end of life..Good Look.

Stop drinking, and with your parents, I would advise you to go back to your doctor.
Liver damage is pretty much gonna stay - but you can learn to live without alcohol.

Be good to your body and with your health, you only get ONE of each, so please stop drinking or else cut down considerably and let your liver heal by itself.

thats weird because i know people our age (im 15 too) who drink twice as much as you but they're fine


dont drink ?.

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