Mix lemonade with Seagrams VO?!

Question: Mix lemonade with Seagrams VO?
Is this a good idea or not? I'm trying to make a good mixed drink and don't have much lying around the house. I've got lemonade, pink lemonade, Seagram's VO, a little bit of 7-up and Sangria. Any good drink tips for me?


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Half and half pink lemonade and 7-up. Doesn't have to be exact. Like 2 teaspoons of Sangria. 1 teaspoon of Seagram VO.

That's a good drink to chill with.

Vo and lemonade if GREAT for a cold (hot) toddy...MMMMMMMMMM OR Sangria as is or -up.mixed with a SMALL amount of 7-UP

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