Why do I get Dizzy after I take one sip of beer? Btw im 14?!

Question: Why do I get Dizzy after I take one sip of beer? Btw im 14?

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cuz ur 14... Duh

Huh, that's interesting... Well it's most likely the placebo effect. The first time I took a sip of beer (I was 8 btw- my mom let me take a sip of it to see what it tastes like) I felt absolutely nothing... At that time it just tasted terrible :P it is very rare that someone could take JUST A SIP and get dizzy... Numb maybe, but not dizzy. Besides, after a while it'll take more alcohol than just a sip of beer to get you dizzy.

I'm 14 too :)

this seems to way beyond explaining with low body weight and tolerance,
but i saw something on this medical mysteries show where a man drank
from a cold glass of water and went into convulsions and passed out for a few seconds
and they found out it was because of an extra sensitive nerve in the back of his throat.
but I don't see how you can even feel one sip without some kind of alergy.

You don't get dizzy after one sip of beer because you're a kid and have no tolerance, no matter what others say.

You might have some sort of allergy (or some other intolerance to it).. or it could just be a psychological thing.

Possible reasons: You're allergic to alcohol, your low body weight causes you to have low tolerance, you are not used to alcohol so you have an even lower tolerance.

You are 14 and your brain isn't developed enough to handle alcohol.

Personal experience, Health class

Its probably the placebo effect

Because you're a child. Try it again in a few years when your body and mind are a little more mature.

Obviously you have no tolerance.

cuz the legal drinking age is 21. once you turn 21 it will all be magically ok

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