How do I sober up REALLY QUICKLY?!

Question: How do I sober up REALLY QUICKLY?
Don't yell at me lol, I'm 16 and I drank a lot of alcohol it's 6am here i gotta get ready for skl in a hour.
my mum might be able to tell...that took me about 10 mins to type it right LOOOOOOOOL. omg i am so drunk how csn i sober up? ihave n coffee? PLEASE? xxxx


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You're too far gone at this point to go to sleep as that will bring on the intense vomit/sh*tty feeling, best to stay up for another hour then go to school with as much coffee and water as you can get, this will make you go to the bathroom very quickly and frequently and so the alcohol will leave your system faster. Also drinking tomato juice and gatorade are good because they contain vitamins to rehydrate you.

My brain

make yourself throw up then go eat a lot of things like bread or crackers. brush your teeth really good and don't drive anywhere this morning. don't do anything to attract attention to yourself. or when you make yourself throw up, just fake sick and go to bed and sleep it off

Throw up now! You have to get the alcohol out of your system that hasn't been absorbed yet. Then eat bread and anything else you have. It will help the effects lessen a little big. Water is good too.

Eat lots of water, & drink lots of bread. That usually does the trick. ;)

Experiance. ;)

Quickly. Sleep out side tonight. Bring the pot of coffee. Or two. Good luck.

1. Take a freezing cold shower.
2. drink milk
3. eat

it's happened to me too.

It will take awhile. I've been responsibly drinking for a long time
and a hangover usually takes me at least 8 hrs to recover from.

ps: You need to re-hydrate yourself before symptoms go away.

Coffee with no sugar works really well,but since you dont have any,eat something sour and that should do the trick!

It's been proven that the only way is to exercise and work it out. Go run laps.

Get naked in front of a cop. Will sober you up fast

Drink your pee.

eat alot


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