What happens if you drink spirits THEN smoke weed?!

Question: What happens if you drink spirits THEN smoke weed?
not that i would, but hypothetically.

because i heard you're meant to always smoke before drinking
but what happens if u do it the other way around?

"beer then grass, on your ***
grass then beer, in the clear"


You get super messed up, and if you drink too much and then smoke too much you will most likely pass out/black out and not remember much of anything when you wake up. Although if you do the right combination, ive heard that its quite an interesting trip.

Dont mix weed and alcohol period. Drink your spirits and forget the weed. Based on observation people who have done this generally vomit and feel sick afterward. I would recommend drinking spirits. Weed kills brain cells and makes you forgetful. If anything do one or the other.

You get seriously ****** up.

Probably pass out, will be throwing up all night & when you come round the next day. I've also found most can't talk properly or swallow much next day without a **** load of pain. Could be more due to the alcohol, but whatever.

And that's just from observing some of my friends on worse nights.. so there'd be a lot more they didn't say anything about or it wasn't obvious to me.

, You Will Be High And Drunk

Btw , Weedss Not Grass ?

Cross Faded!

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