What are the Smirnoff vodka sizes and prices?!

Question: What are the Smirnoff vodka sizes and prices?
What are the different size bottles? Which ones come in a plastic bottle? And how much are they? I know it depends what state you are in but i am in new york. anyone know?


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pint, fifth, and half gallon. here in indiana, where everything is way cheaper than new york, a fifth of smirnoff vodka costs about $17

That really does vary based upon where you live, however, I can give you a basic idea.

They come in 375mL bottles, but those are the rarest. You can get a 750mL bottle (known as a fifth) for $15. 1L bottles can also be found, but those are also not as common. 1.75 L bottles (aka handles) are pretty standard fare. They usually run around $20.

My prices are based upon Virginia. Because all liquor is sold by ABC stores and the prices are are standardized.

Just went yesterday and checked it out.

**** that's cheap compared to Australian prices! It cost me $35 the other day for a 750mL bottle (at least I think it was, definitely wasn't over 1L).

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