How to get the smell of alcohol out of a room?!

Question: How to get the smell of alcohol out of a room?
we cant open a window cuz its child proofed (;
please help !


try febreze. it kills odours and not just covers it.

if you can't open a child proof window, you shouldn't be drinking.
and if you drink enough or sloppily enough for your the room to stink, you shouldn't be drinking
try air freshener

air freshener or febreez. if you don't have either go downstairs and get some cleaning stuff like dust spray or something and spray it on the furniture in your room. it will cover the smell.

What do you mean by "like" locked? Is it locked or isn't it? Why did you use the work "like"? It makes you sound like such a mindless twit.

Use air freshner, perfume, scented candles

Been there good luck

******* moron stop drinking.

Drink lots more until it smells like rainbows and lollipops.

...I drink a lot :( lol

by opening windows and doors

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