do you drink wine with your meals?!

Question: Do you drink wine with your meals?

I will drink an occasional glass of red with a good meal. I do enjoy my dry white wines by itself, but neither is so much that you can consider it a regular drink.

I do have wine with meals not all meals but a few each week. We try to have a meal where we can finish the bottle so we might make a sauce with it and then drink the last part of the bottle. We get cooking skills practice and are able to enjoy the wine with the meal without worry of extra wine to deal with.

No. I don't want to get a alcohol belly. If anything I will drink red whine or white whine occasionally like two or three times a year just to clease out the body it is good for the heart. But no I don't. Though know many who do.

LOVE a good bottle of wine, but I prefer it more after the meal than with it,, because you don't really taste the wine or enjoy it, you just use it to flush food down.

We drink a small glass of wine now and then with our meals. We don't enjoy wine without a good meal to enhance it. We are careful of how much we consume due to its high kilojoule count and other effects.

I hardly drink alcohol. I may drink it twice a year and that is alot for me. So my answer is, No I do not drink wine with my meals.

no, i don't like the taste of alcohol with food. i save my drinking till after the meal if i'm out, or if i'm at home i just stick to soft drinks.

First enjoy drinking and after enjoy ur meal with spirit.

with dinner about 3 - 4 times a week on average

hmm many times.. its good to be healthy..
but i leave drinking now..

yes, sometimes

yup lots of ppl does that apparently.. :D

No, I don't drink wine with my meals.

Yes I like to drink Sake!

Yes, but not every meal.

no i don't drink wine with my meals

No coz I'm only 14 :L

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