was my drink spiked????????????!

Question: Was my drink spiked????????????
I went out on Sat night I had a fair amount to drink, mostly cocktails, but these don't usually affect me.. I was quite drunk when I went to a club and someone bought me a drink and I can't remember anything after that, I remember getting in a taxi and thats it.. I had no money and my credit card was not in my bag by the time i got home. my partner was home and he said that we had sex that night but i literally cant remember it and its so horrible because i didnt want to do that and wouldnt have if i were sober (we are sort of on a break) I felt sick all day yesterday and still felt like i was really drunk even though i was home by 1.. I still feel alful today i havent eaten anything since sat lunch time because i feel that crap... do you think my drink was spiked?


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sounds like it was or else you be ok by now with fair amount of drinks. all this sickness and awfull feelings are a sign. Becarefull next time.

1) YES, most definitely
2) The drug called: RAHYPNOL
3) Never ever leave your drink unattended of your sight.
4) DO NOT ever let anyone buy you a drink if you can't see the glass being poured into.
5) These usual instructions will help you to avoid this next time.

Sounds like it - bet if you were drugged you had unprtoected sex with whoever did it to you!!

HIV test soon I think and you'd better tell your on off BF as well.

Don't you people read about accepting drinks from strangers and the dangers........

Yes it sounds like you were spiked , also your partner sounds a bit of a prick for taking advantage of you in that state.

I think the moral is to remain alert and sober at all times. If you are suspicious go to the police.

hmm, to be honest it could be either or. but i doubt that your drink was "spiked". the no money & no credit card could mean that you spent more then you realized. did you use your credit card to pay for any of the drinks at any time before your "blackout"? working in & out of clubs/bars i've seen people leave without their credit cards, because they were a bit on the drunk side or were just oblivious and forgot to come back to get it (to close out there tab).

most likely, you have what i call the "drink-delay". usually i have a high tolerance for alcohol but at random times i find that i can drink and drink some more and then usually later on in the night it all hits me at once (like it was waiting to group together and jump me, lol), and then thats when the stuff hits the fan. there have been times where i've came back home and can't remember that i even left the place that i was at, nor the ride back home. not to mention using my keys to get inside my house or even changing from my out clothes to my pajamas.

you say that you're feeling sick. if its just like a "ugh, i don't wanna move because i'll start feeling it" then its just the alcohol still in your body. i think that its the same as when at a club/bar, but different because you are moving around & engaging in conversation, dancing, etc. the part where you said that you felt really drunk even though you was home by 1 could mean that you went above your tolerance level and didn't know it.

i'm gonna say that you're drink was or wasn't spiked because honestly i wasn't there to witness anything, obiviously. your best bet is to find out what happened (if you went out with friends that is) and see if they can help you piece together those missing "blanks" from the time you stopped remembering.

while "roofies" are still being used, i give it a 10% chance that thats the reason you blacked out.

[i read what other people answered to this & hmm, interesting. if you were to go to the poilce, think about it. what exactly could they do about this? especially if you don't remember anything. its not like it was "rape" & you remember bits & pieces of the person who did it to you. so the police are not any a option in this situation. also yes you should never leave your drink unattended, never accept a drink from a stranger unless you're there with that person while he/she is ordering it (although it is something that happens every now & then, some people should get their minds outta of movie/tv/land where stuff like that happens especially in spy/action films...) and another thing, its so funny yet stupid that certain answer-people are so quick to say yes you was spiked. have they been spiked before, and most likely if they were spiked before they wouldn't know it, unless they were told that they were. thats not something that you have a recollection of after it happens]

on my end note, be carefull next time you go out for a few drinks or for that matter wherever you are when having some drinks. also know your tolerance level & stick to it (unless you're with somebody that you trust on a high level whereas you can get drunk and not be worried about not being taken cared of).

= )

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