Homemade wine: Can you add more sugar during fermenting?!

Question: Homemade wine: Can you add more sugar during fermenting?
I don't think I added enough at the start


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First, yes you can but it is better to wait and not add it. Let this wine finish out and take you final measurements and compare to what you made it from. Then make it again with the adjustments to where you wanted it. You can then compare the two wines. This is a great way to learn and compare which ingredient base produces a particular flavor set. It foundational learning just as the pros would learn-experience.

You certainly can. Dissolve it in boiling water and let it cool to room temperature before adding. If you are adding a large amount, say over 8 oz, add it gradually over a few days and stir each time.
If you add too much too quickly the yeast has difficulty coping and will either slow or stop fermenting. If it does slow initially don't worry as it will pick up speed again.

Been there, done that. Hic!

Yes you can but add it a little at a time already dissolved in some boiled water that is cooled to room temp. Basically what BAZZA said.

20 years of home brewing success and failures, mostly success though lol.

This is done frequently when making a strong wine. The idea is not to overpower the yeast by adding all the sugar at once. Go ahead and add more. Just dissolve it in water first.

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