Why does Smirnoff Ice mixed with vodka make you so drunk? ?!

Question: Why does Smirnoff Ice mixed with vodka make you so drunk? ?
The other day I decided to try the infamous Smirnoff Ice and vodka before going out. I had heard a few stories of my friends doing them, and none were pretty. One of them was getting sick in a bath for about 14 hours after a night of it, practically making her unable to even go out in the first place, and another passed out for nearly a day or something like that. Needless to say, you'd think that after hearing that you'd be put right off it, however, curiosity evidently got the better of me..

So, during the pre-drinking I began to make the concoction, while simultaneously being screamed at by 4 people not to do it, it will knock me out. I disregarded their 'advice' and continued to pour. I drank a pint of it in about 30 mins, where it was about 10pm at this point. I made a second pint straight after, took a few gulps then bam, it all hit me. I have never been so drunk. At 10:10 I was clinging to the toilet spewing the contents of my stomach. 5 minutes later I started calling people, notifying them of this glorious moment in my life and how disgustingly drunk I was from such a pathetic sounding drink (Smirnoff Ice lols). I managed to make it to a bed soon after and passed out. Not taking heed of given advice rendered me incapable of going out, and the morning after I was left in shame and jealousy.

If anyone has actually bothered to read this WALL of text, I applaud you. But the question still remains - why does this mixture guarantee your head being blown off and leaving you quite paraletic. People may say all consequences of drinking this lead to the same thing, but I've heard quite a few different stories of drinking this and all have the same ending.

Enlighten me please.


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Be prepared to be enlightened, first of all 1 US pint = 473.176473 millilitres, I find it easier to work in ml.

Ordinary Vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (abv) so if you mix it with Smirnoff Ice which is 5%abv, then the resulting mixture (whatever ratio you mix them in) is going to be less than 40%abv, the mixture or cocktail CANNOT POSSIBLY make you any more drunk than drinking an equal volume of straight Vodka, that should be obvious.

Let's say for example you drank 500ml (makes it easier than 473.176473) and you mixed it 50/50.
250ml of Vodka contains 100ml of pure alcohol, 250ml of Smirnoff ice contains 12.5ml of pure alcohol, so your 500ml mixture contains 112.5ml of pure alcohol.

So your 500ml cocktail was 22.5%abv, whatever 'infamous' cocktail you make, if it contains 22.5%abv and you drink 500ml of it, the results will be EXACTLY the same as you experienced.

Alcohol rehab employee who knows a thing or two about alcohol.

"the infamous Smirnoff Ice and vodka"
people have to have heard of this combination to make it infamous, and I have never heard of it

you are taking smirnoff ice (5% alcohol) and adding more alcohol to it... likely bumping it up to 10% or more alcohol content.

Smirnoff Ice is vodka. So vodka + more vodka = drunk? Seems common sense to me.

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