What goes well with rum?!

Question: What goes well with rum?
I'm not talking about making cocktails here, just a mixer. I usually drink it with coke but I'm getting a bit bored with rum & coke.
Any suggestions?


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Depends what kind of rum
Barcardi you can do juices
Coconut rum you can do juices as well (I like mixing pineapple, orange and cranberry)
Even with a spiced rum like Captain you can mix with something like Orange Juice or something. Club soda, tonic, sprite, ginger ale
Etc, depends what you like.

Mojito! Put mint leaves and lime into a glass with some club soda and 'muddle' then add rum and club soda and simple syrup or a touch a touch of 7-up. You can Google for more specifics. It's really an art as to perfecting the Mojito as everyone tends to like it different.

Rum and wild turkey
Rum and peppermint schnapps or butterscotch schnapps
Tequila , rum, and crown royal
Vodka and rum
rum and whiskey
Baileys, kahlua, amaretto, and rum
... etc.

rum & coke is a cocktail
all cocktails are mixers and viceversa

rum & lemonade or limeade are very good.

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