is it better to buy packs of cigarettes or carton of cigarettes?!

Question: Is it better to buy packs of cigarettes or carton of cigarettes?
my dad is a chain smoker and he smokes a pack a day, i was wondering would it be better to buy cartons of cigarettes or individual pakcs? thanks


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It depends on where to buy cigarettes. It's more than 2 years I order cigarettes online. The shipping costs and delivery time are really worth it as the price is fantastic. I pay just $20,50 per carton of Marlboro plus $9 for delivery! Here in New York cigarettes are too spendy so I had nothing to do than to order it online. At the beginning I was leary about ordering cigarettes online however everything worked well! It takes about 2 weeks for cigarettes to be delivered therefore I had to plan my orders and lately I set up the automatic re-order. The minimum order is 2 cartons. So in my case there is no other way than to buy cigarettes in cartons.

Uh a pack a day isn't even heavy smoking; how could he be a chain smoker? If he smokes a pack a day a carton would be cheaper. He'd have no reason to worry about them going stale, unless he smokes an off brand like me (Lucky Strikes) where there's a possibility the whole carton might be stale already.

All the arrogant self righteous pricks telling him to quit can go to hell. That wasn't the question

you would save more money buying the big packs of smokes that come in a rectangular bulk. or you can tell your dad to quit so you can save around 35$ a week

health class

Definitely cartons. You save a little bit of money. I usually buy two cartons a week.

A carton is a better deal. However, a lot of smokers believe that they will smoke more if they have a carton.


Buy them by the carton. He will smoke more and then get cancer quicker.

Dr. Denis Leary

How about no cigarettes. each one you smoke it shortens your life by 11 minutes.

It's Better to buy neither but if you must, get him the carton, a much better deal


A carton, it's cheaper and time saving

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