How long would I have to leave this bottle of welshs grape juice sitting out for it to turn into wine?!

Question: How long would I have to leave this bottle of welshs grape juice sitting out for it to turn into wine?
I need some wine for a party I'm having, and I'm 1 year to young to purchase wine at the store, please help!


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If you really want alcohol, go online and find the make your own wine kits. You put them in any juice and let'm sit for about two days(sealed, not open) and then there's about 7% alcohol. But yeah, don't just leave your juice out, thats just dumb.

It won't turn into wine. It may ferment slightly due to natural yeast in the air, but you're going to get a ton more bacteria (spoilage) than yeast (fermentation). You can buy or make the equipment to ferment wine, but it's not easy to make yourself and if you screw it up you'll still just get spoiled grape juice.

Long. And you are going to need to either call 911 or poison control when you do. because Welchs grape juice isn't Wine. it doesn't have the yeast in it. it wasn't made to become wine. all ti will be is rotten sugar, rotten grape juice, and fungus growing when yo leave it out.

And just tell someone who is older to bring beer. but apparantly, you shouldn't do that. you are Dumb enough without the Alcohol

Give it a week or two open. I have open cranberry juice and never put in in the refer and after a week it was sour and when opened it hissed at me. The problem is that you might end up going all the way from alcohol to making it into vinegar so use a good yeast to make it better.

moulds and bacteria are the most common things to grow in it. The bacteria and yeast will make some alcohol but the spoilage will render it unpalatable. If you want a wine from it use a wine yeast. Get it online in dry form for as little as three greenbacks.

If you leave it out even for just a day, its going to grow mold. Don't try it unless you want to visit the hospital.

Common sense

A long time. It's more likely to just go completely mouldy.


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