Is there an Irish Mist without the sugar?!

Question: Is there an Irish Mist without the sugar?
it's very sweet for me it has herbal flavour, smooth slightly spicy finish - herbal whisky aroma - but l love the blend of Irish Mist without the sugar - the sugar content is just fcking unacceptable for me. A friend gave me half a bottle of this when l wasn't even on legal drinking age and l use it strictly as a coffee flavouring


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Welcome back Noah2

True because I have looked for it and couldn't find it so I drank the regular. Coffee is great but sometimes a little kicker is nice with it too.

I have never heard of one without the sugar.

I had not seen that yankee drink without sweet sugar within its guts.

I havent seen one as sugar free but then this day and age with the diets an all maybe just maybe.

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