How long does it to weed to leave your system?!

Question: How long does it to weed to leave your system?
Ok, I don't usually smoke. The last time that I smoked was this new years and it was only my second time smoking ever. The first time was a couple of months before in the fall. I only took a couple of hits and really didn't even get high. So now I have to take a drug test for a job, do you think that the marijuana is going to show in my urine?


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haha, if you only had a couple of drags then i doubt it was ever in your system. about 6 hours.

Thc at the most, is in our sytem for 30 days.. but at the normal 8 glasses of water a day, about 20 days. if you want to make sure, just drink a ton of water... pee a lot.. and drink a ton the day of the test to delude it... also try taking niacin.. its very inexpensive.. found in any drug store... hope that helps.

Possibly, some say it will take upto 7 weeks. But it depends on how fast your body processes things as were all different.
It probably is gone by now but i suggest eating healthy and doing excersize will get it out of you system faster. has a lot of good information on how to pass a hair or urine drug test.

Light smoker 6-7 days, and a heavy smoker 30 days.

Medical clinic I worked at.


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