Home Brewing Hard Apple Cider?!

Question: Home Brewing Hard Apple Cider?
Okay, first off. Here's what I did.

I have an old piece of fruit grinder or blender, but it works good.

I juiced like eight to ten apples, then added only a little bit of sugar, used a couple packets of bread yeast (This is my first time doing this so I just wanted to try it more than the highest quality).

But I think I might have messed up in that, it's been three days since it started to ferment and now I think about it I think i should have added more sugar. So I added like about six cups of sugar. Does this still have potential or no?

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Potential? Yes. In reality the yeast is evolved into a type that best makes CO2 and is selected in bread baking because of this. You will get alcohol but not as much as with a wine yeast. Give it a day and if no activity you know that it did not work. You need to consider that a high sugar solution may prevent the yeast from any activity. You can try again or the second time buy the wine yeast for a much more reliable fermentation.

You may have messed up. I would try looking up websites that deal with such things as home-brewing and wine-making as a hobby. Try Googling "Hard Cider -- how to produce."

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