Are they just being cheap?!

Question: Are they just being cheap?
So, I've noticed this in other snacks like this, but are they putting less and less doritos in each bag ._.
Like to save money, or to help with obesity =o=??
>Anyways, I opened up a bag and there were only 5 doritos ._.
>>Then i opened another, and there were only 6 doritos.

Yeah, just wondering.


Actually, food manufacturers have been doing this for years; they reduce the size of the package and leave the price the same. This has recently been done to ice cream. Ice cream used to come in HALF-GALLON (64 ounce) cartons, but now most dairies are putting it out in 56 ounce cartons.

In your case, if there were only 5 or 6 chips in a ag of Doritos, unless they were the vending size that is about 2/3 of an ounce, then it was likely a production fault (especially if the bag is marked as a 12 ounce bag or some other grocery store size).

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