Trying alcohol for the first time?!

Question: Trying alcohol for the first time?
I'm a 16 year old male from Ireland. Recently I've been tempted to drink. All my friends do it on special occasions and they seem to have a really good time. I kinda hate being mr. serious all the time and so I have made up my mind.I know that you would say I'm too young but I have made up my mind. I will not be like one of those people that binge drink it would only be on special occasions. I have a really good family relationship and so I am undecided if I should just ask my mum and dad - which I think the answer would be yes because they know I am responsible. Or should I just stay over in a friends house?

I really appreciate your comments!
Thanks! :)


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your 16, not too young at all most people start around 14. drink with your family if you want but tis obviously more fun with your friends and id start there because if your not used to it with your family you could be sick or just act like a **** etc. but with your mates it dm what you act like :)

im surprised youv lasted till your 16, your irish!?

half irish

If you have a good family relationship, and you think they'd be fine with it, I'd ask your parents for some alcohol to take to a friends and stay over anyway (even if they were fine with you drinking). I hate having to find my way home when I'm trashed, or having my parents see me like that (even though they know I drink and am fine with it). It'd be better just to stay at your friends for the night.

im finding it seriously hard to believe you've never drunk before! deffinatly do it, im sorry but the thing about life is have fun, get your binge drinking out of the way and mature later otherwise when your 18 and can't handle your drink you'll look like an utter knob. there's nothing more cringey than to see a guy be a boy. start light if your worried have something like beer and go from there, you are bound to be sick at least a couple of times but thats how you learn, im sorry if ive put you under pressure good luck

Talk to your parents,But if you want to have a real throwdown good time stay over with your friends.

Ask Mum and Dad, always a good idea where u can speak to them. I advise against it especially if there is alcoholism in the family Talk Talk!

At sixteen you're Jr: wait until ur 18 and enjoy alcohol responsibly with your parents

Definetly ask your parents and with there answer and any stipulations

Be Safe

just talk to your parents, i'm sure they'd be cool with it.

Ask your grandparents. Getting wasted with old people is awesome!

ask your parents :). they will understand you :D

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