Why are ciggarettes legal?!

Question: Why are ciggarettes legal?
Like.. I used to smoke and I quit but why the hell are cigarettes legal? I mean sure they relax you but thats only once your addicted to them..and they don't even like give you a buzz or anything after the first couple times all they do is ruin your lungs and kill your money... and they are still legal and weed isn't? even though they are addictive as hell and kill people, we let the componies that make them make billions of dollars off of murdering people with their product. It's not like you can "smoke responsibily" no matter what your doing damage and will continue to keep smoking more and more.


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Because lawmakers are racist and white people own tobacco while the minorities are the ones in control of weed. They don't want to make it legal and have minorities rich that would be horrible...

Cigarettes don't really relax you ... they are a stimulant.
They are legal because there are major lobbying interests with much money to lose if cigarettes were made illegal.

As for weed, current attitudes stem from about 100 years ago. Judge Emily Murphy wrote a book called "The Black Candle" which helped set these attitudes into place. It's a worthy read, if only to understand how these attitudes originated.

Because telling people what to do or not to do with their bodies (legislating morality) doesn't work and never has. Plus Cigs make a ton of money for the company and in taxes. We presume that people can make choices, even ones we think are wrong, for themselves because that's what adults do. If peoplie choose stupid things, that's each person's responsibility.

Becasue we learn from our history. During prohibitoon, illegal alcohol in the 1910s, crim rates sky rocketed. They more than doubled. Murder rates rose, and the mob was formed. Would u really wanna be the politician wen crime rates doubled???

Because of the revenue the government gets from the industry & the mass revolt that would occur should it be made illegal. Not good politically.

Ask the senators and congress members from tobacco growing states.

Also alcohol prohibition did not work in the past it would not work today. It would just make the drugs barons richer.

Yeah. That's why it's a pitty marihuana wasn't legallized in California. Not that it matters though.....

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