Is there such thing as an alcohol cost calculator (Read Description Please!)?!

Question: Is there such thing as an alcohol cost calculator (Read Description Please!)?
I'm having a party for a ton of people at my house and I want to get a rough estimate of how much alcohol I will need to buy.

I pretty much want something that compares different types of alcohol and the prices and quality. And maybe something that can estimate how much a certain amount of people will drink? If there is such a thing xD so if there is anything that fits either of those descriptions, please link me it! This is so I know a rough estimate of the overall price so I can split it with the people coming to this party. I would really appreciate it a lot :)


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yea olivia quick tip dont buy alcohol because no offence but you look young and when kids & liquor mix you get throwing up and fights buy 2 kegs for like 225 and your good to go.

I Was Your Age Too

get 2 kegs and some bottles it will be around 250 bucks just have people throw in cash thats a no brainier peewee

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