whats your favorite beer?!

Question: Whats your favorite beer?


pabst the best try busch its my other favorite


My favorite are Stouts, such as Guinness, but the real gems of the beer industry are the local microbrews.

Do a google search of your local microbreweries and go try them out. Chances are they'll be much more delicious than stuff on the grocery shelves.

1 - The Saison I brewed 2 months ago.
2 - Rogue's Shakespeare Stout
3 - Iron Horse Brewery's Comfy Sweater

Arrogant Bastards. It might actually be an ale but its my favorite none the less

Too many to choose from! Here's a list:

Heineken - as long as it's brewed in Amsterdam.
Waggle Dance


Blue Moon Winter Ale

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