What alcohol should I have at my 21st birthday party? 10 POINTS!!!?!

Question: What alcohol should I have at my 21st birthday party? 10 POINTS!!!?
My 21st is coming up this saturday and I was wondering what type of alcohol I should have there? Keep in mind: IT IS COLLEGE KIDS, AND I DO HAVE A BUDGET.

I was thinking a couple cases of Natty for everyone, definitely jungle juice but I was wondering what else I should have there.

Also, I want to have some Red Berry Ciroc and Grey Goose for myself... Any other recommendations?



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The best drinks I was ever served at a party were themed after the song Shots by LMFAO.

Every half hour or so the song was played and shots would get passed out to the entire room as per the song:

Lyric: "Jaegerbombs/ lemondrops/ Buttery Nipples/ Jello Shots/ Kamikaze/ Three Wise Men/ f*ck all that sh*t/ Get me some Gin "

You can use cheap booze to make up the shots but it sure gets the whole party raging.

Have fun on your birthday! And if someone asks you the next day how your bday was your answer better be "They tell it it was GREAT"

my awesome friend Gabe who came up with the idea

For everyone at the party, just something relatively cheap. For yourself, after everyone leaves, load up with some Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey (Gentleman Jack and Single Barrel, if you prefer Jack Daniel's higher-quality stuff), Johnnie Walker, Wild Turkey...literally anything would be great for after everyone else leaves. And remember that you can even buy those little 50 ml bottles so you can get quite a few and taste different things.

I just turned 21 myself about two months ago and, instead of having a party with alcohol, my brother-in-law took me to a bar...I surprisingly didn't have much other than some Jack Daniel's that night. Sad, isn't it? I barely even got a buzz that night!

A. It's your party, people should be bringing the booze to YOU. B. Whats the point if the party if you'll be so wasted you won't even remember one of the cooler milestones in your life. stay soberish and savor the memories. C. Take lots of pics of the drunkest folks there. It will remind you how embarrassing being drunk really is.


Get a bottle or 2 of Bacardi 151, dump in a keg sized container and fill to the top with fruit juice/pop, mix and serve to everyone and you will all get f*cked

My brain

Sounds like you got your friends covered with the Natty, I'd say get some nice stuff for yourself maybe a pint of nice vodka like you said.Maybe get some cheap vodka also and some mixers, shouldn't be too expensive.

you can try a mixed drink called Illusion. its a combination of vodka, triple sec, blue curacao, pineapple juice and crushed ice.. :).. shake before serving...

definately get some jose cuervo. also don't forget to get some red bull to mix with your grey goose or you'll be passing out early.

How bout no alcohol.

apple pie? taste goods plus gets u ****** up

Always nice to have a variety, just don't DRINK a variety yourself - after all, mixing is what makes you sick. You should have whiskey, vodka, gin, and rum, at least.

Remember this: All scotch is whisky, but not all whiskey is scotch. It has to be whisky made in Scotland to be called scotch. Further, if it's made in Scotland, it's called whisky, not whiskey. Anywhere else, it's whiskey. Unless of course the maker decides to call it whisky, even if he's not Scottish... follow that?

The Famous Grouse is a really good Scotch, and it's college budget priced. Another well priced scotch that's really tasty is John Begg Blue Cap. Jameson's, on the other hand, is an Irish whiskey. Jack Daniels is bourbon, not whiskey.

Grey Goose vodka, by the way, is not college budget minded, and besides that, it's for posers. Smirnoff's is just fine, it's affordable, and I bet if you do blind taste tests, NONE of your friends can tell the difference. By the time the girls mix it with cranberry or orange juice, they won't care.

Same with gin. Just get a bottle of Tanqueray. Not too many people will drink it anyway. Although, if you get a little bottle of sweet vermouth, and another little bottle of dry vermouth, you "may" get lucky and have someone at your party who will know how to make a real, "perfect" martini.

For rum, choose Myer's Original Platinum (light rum), Bacardi Gold (gold rum), or Myer's Dark (as it says, "dark" rum), if you want decent tasting rums without spending a ton of money. Stock up on Coke for the folks who want rum and...

Anything beyond that in the hard liquor category is beyond the basics. If you stock those, ask friends to bring different stuff so there's more variety, although flavored vodkas, etc., are all expensive nonsense. Tequila is always fun, but someone will end up getting punched if you have it... it just happens with 21 year olds. Testosterone, you know?

Don't even start down the wine path, unless you want to get a couple of magnums (the BIG bottles) of Chilean wine - it's cheap, tasty, and there WILL be girls who want it. Get some (two) chardonnays, a cabernet, and a merlot, and leave it at that.

If you start with that selection, and friends bring things, you'll be covered, AND polluted.

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