How do i get coke out of my system?!

Question: How do i get coke out of my system?

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Cocaine will naturally leave your system in 2 - 4 days. It leaves so quickly because it is water soluable and is stored in the liquids in your body. These liquids are flushed quite often and they take the cocaine with them. One way to help this process along is to drink lots of water. It will dilute the trace amounts in your urine (assuming you are going in for drug testing and it is urinalysis not a hair follicle test) and help the cocaine to leave your system. Also, getting a cleanser might not be a bad idea. I have heard great things about golden poppy, but it is endangered so it is very expensive. Overall, good luck.

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Report by polly mills on March 26th, 2006
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i am a chemist

You stop taking it. There isn't a simple way of flushing it out. Actually, there is, but it will be very... um... strange to feel, I'd rather someone else say it, I won't.
lmao at above, you'll have to piss alot for that one! lmao

there is no actuall way to get it out of your system only doctors can get drugs out of you.

Drink a lot of water for 2 or 3 days at least. If you're taking a blood test or hair test have fun, no cheating that.



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