drug and alcohol tests at school?!

Question: Drug and alcohol tests at school?
i just found out i have a drug and alcohol test at school tomorrow and umm what happens if i dont pass ? i was drinking like all weekend!!! help what do i do?


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Skip school.

Sorry but they can make you take it. I go to a school that does that but it depends what kind of test and the schools policy... I don't know what's in your system but for a urine test for example marijuana is fat soluble so that takes from 2 weeks to 6 weeks to clean out. Alchohol is NOT fat based and should take a max of 3 days to get out... as for punishment most places first strike is a warning and being put on consistent testing and seeing a school counselor... drink as much water as possible from now until the test and pee as much as possible. The more you get in and the more you pee the more diluted your test will be.

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Well it depends on how old you are. They will probably notify your parents and teachers. They will also most likely watch to see if you have alcohol on campus. The only thing you can really do is wait for the stuff to wear off and not drink anymore. It depends on what you were drinking. Beer should wear off by the time you go to school again depending on how much you had. Hard alcohol well tough luck and that is your own fault for drinking while under 21

wicked gay dude. refuse to take it. then plead the fifth. I dont think they can force you to take a test like that.

if its been over atleast 24 hours, you should be fine passing the alcohol test.

Drinking will be out of your system by Monday. All other drugs won't.

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