What beer is best to put on my cereal?!

Question: What beer is best to put on my cereal?
What kind of whiskey is best to wash it down with?


These are all mixed drinks that contain milk so they should go beautifully with your cereal! :D

White Russian
Blonde Headed Sl*t
Brown Cow
Night Cap
Mooing Irish Pepsi
Rattlesnake Milk
Screaming Yellow Monkey
Sex Machine
Southern Russian
Strawberry Cow
Green Cow
Sweaty Goat's @ss
Tequila Paralyzer
Top Gun
Violently Ill
White Elephant
White Threesome
Whiskey Milk Punch

My brain

Im thinking guiness cause its thick and creamy, and might be good with coco puffs! also I would go with Jameson wiskey.

There's this really good stuff called milk! I mix it with my cereal! It's great.

Go crazy, add vodka.

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

That depends on the cereal. I prefer a nice dark ale with my Rice Krispies followed by a nice single malt.

lmao, really???

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