What drink is hard to handle in your system?!

Question: What drink is hard to handle in your system?

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Spirits and having a mixture of drinks in the one evening/day.

Well there are a few answers to that. A higher alcohol proof would be a stronger liquor. Ex. Bacardi 151 or wild turkey have a higher alcohol percentage. So they will get you hammered faster.everclear is added to some cocktails to make them stronger. Gross stuff. But if you are talking about a cocktail. Than a long island iced tea. All booze lots of different kinds. They say to stick to one liquor. Like vodka..then only drink vodka drinks. Or rum. Only drink rum drinks. In a long island there is...vodka, gin, light rum, triple sec. Different kinds. If you drink an irish car bomb to slow it will curdle in your stomach and can make you vomit. Pour some baileys on some guenis and you will see what i am talking about. ..a zombie, also will mess you up. Mind eraser. Its called that for a reason.ha. To much of anything is hard for your system to handle. Look up the shot cement mixer. It is a joke type shot. Your system wont like it. Hope this helps.=)

Bartender thats me.=)

Hard Liquor (vodka, tequila, rum, etc.) is tough
Over Proof Liquor (absinthe, 151, everclear) is the toughest
However everything should go down fine until you start to mix different alcohol together, then look out, you're going to have a nice meeting with the toilet! :D

My brain

Moonshine, especially homemade.

Hmm well maybe that is just for getting paralytically drunk

life experience.

depends on your system
Hard liquor is hardest.
Darker is harder than light coloured.
Rye makes people alter their personalities the most. ( learned that one the hard way)

prairie fire = tequila and Tabasco

also my friend made pepper vodka with habeneros.

whew talk about hitting you at all angles.

151 bacardi


bacardi white rum!!!




everclear grain alcohol. 95%

mixed drinks

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