Why does beer make me throw up?!

Question: Why does beer make me throw up?
i love to drink beer even though im only 15. it just tastes sooo good! but i always throw up when i finish like my 10th beer and i feel all dizzy and sick. why does this delicious drink do this to me????


that only means you aren't drinking fast enough. chug.

Beer Has Alcohol and you drink in excess which you should not and that too at 15 . Anyway go through this scientific information and try to restrict .
A person is said to suffer from alcohol intoxication when the quantity of alcohol the person consumes exceeds the individuals tolerance for alcohol and produces behavioral or physical abnormalities. In other words, the person's mental and physical abilities are impaired.
Ethanol produces intoxication because of its depressive effects on various areas of the brain causing these impairments in a progressive order as the person gets more and more drunk.
What happens in the brain: Alcohol increases the effect of the body's naturally occurring neurotransmitter GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). Neurotransmitters are substances that chemically connect the signals from one nerve to the next allowing a signal to flow along a neural pathway. An inhibitory neurotransmitter (alcohol) reduces this signal flow in the brain. This explains how alcohol depresses both a person's mental and physical activities. By way of comparison, cocaine does the opposite by producing a general excitatory effect on the nervous system.

?Absorption: Approximately 20% of ethanol is absorbed into the bloodstream directly from the stomach, and 80% from the small intestine. Consequently, the longer the ethanol/alcohol remains in the stomach, the slower it will be absorbed and the lower will be the peak in the blood alcohol concentration (known as BAC).

?This explains the apparent sobering effect of food, which slows the process of emptying the stomach contents, slows the absorption of alcohol, and reduces the peak BAC reached.

?When alcohol is taken with food, absorption generally is complete in 1-3 hours during which time the BAC will peak. If no further alcohol is consumed, sobering up will follow this peak level of BAC.

?Distribution: Ethanol is highly soluble in water and is absorbed much less in fat. So alcohol tends to distribute itself mostly in tissues rich in water (muscle) instead of those rich in fat.

?Two people may weigh the same, yet their bodies may have different proportions of tissue containing water and fat. Think of a tall, thin person and a short, fat person who both weigh 150 pounds. The short, fat person will have more fat and less water making up his body than the tall, thin person. If both people, in this example, consume the same amount of alcohol, the short, fat person will end up with a higher BAC. This is because the alcohol he drank was spread into a smaller water "space."

?Women's bodies, on average, have more fat and less water than men's bodies. Using the same logic, this means that a woman will reach a higher BAC than a man of the same weight when both drink the same amount of alcohol.
?Metabolism (elimination): Metabolism is the method by which the body processes alcohol (and everything else you eat). Some of the alcohol is converted to other substances (such as fat, as in "beer belly"). Some is burned as energy (and converted to water and carbon dioxide). A small amount is excreted unchanged (in your breath and urine). The liver metabolizes about 90% of the ethanol. The lungs excrete about 5% during exhalation (breathing out). Alcohol excretion by the lungs forms the basis for Breathalyzer testing. Another 5% is excreted into the urine.

?The average person metabolizes about 1 standard drink (10 grams) per hour.

?Heavy drinkers have more active livers and may be able to metabolize up to 3 drinks per hour.

?People with liver diseases will metabolize less than 1 drink per hour. In many chronic alcoholics, the liver gets burned out and can no longer metabolize alcohol, or anything else, efficiently. This is known as alcoholic cirrhosis.

?In alcoholic cirrhosis, the liver cells become badly scarred. This scarring has the effect of blocking blood flow through the liver, impeding exchange of metabolic chemicals into and out of the liver cells and damaging the cells' ability to function.


First off beer is the complete opposite of deliciousness, and second it is not good for your which is why your body rejects it. You shouldn't force yourself to something intoxicating.

well first of all i thought you had to be 21 to drink but anyways your stomach my not be able to handle that much beer. i would advise to wait until you can legally drink!

Most probably your stomach is sensitive, try not to eat before drinking beer, Eat after !

It used to happen to me

Anybody will get sick after drinking 10 beers and why are you drinking at 15. Just curious.

beer is delicious. it just means after you vomit you need to wash it down with more

Beer?! Whiskey is a real drink...try some of that. Of course--being 15--you probably won't be able to handle it.

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