Why am I not gaining alcohol tollerance?!

Question: Why am I not gaining alcohol tollerance?
I am a sophomore in college and have been drinking on weekends since junior year in high school. Not every weekend but at least once a month, but since I have been in college basically every weekend. I weight 115 and I am 5 feet 4 inches. I did gymnastics for 13 years and I know a lot of my weight is muscle (I don't know if that means anything). But anyways, I still get tipsy after about 1 shot worth of alcohol and after about 3 or 4 drinks i can't walk straight and start talking funny. How can I build more tolerance to alcohol and is there anything I can do so that I don't get tipsy after one drink?


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There's nothing that you can really do. Women have a lower tolerance for alcohol to begin with, and by your description you sound pretty petite. In general, lighter people have less of a tolerance as well. You can build a little tolerance if you get bigger (in fat not in muscle) but I really don't think you want to get fat just to gain some tolerance do you? If it makes you feel any better I've been drinking for 5 years and my tolerance has been pretty much the same since I've started. In fact a few weeks ago I got so drunk off of 4 shots of vodka that I actually peed myself after I passed out... So what you can do is just know your limits and space out your drinks farther apart so you last longer.

Don't drink on an empty stomach and space your drinks out. Drinking too quickly makes you drunker and sicker. You don't drink regularly and this also makes you intolerant as regular drinking builds up resistance to the effects of alcohol. However, the long term health effects of heavy drinking are well documented.

no lie but increasing your intake of semen will help you be able to handle more alcohol. there are special stem cell enzyme catalysts in semen that will make your alcohol tolerance go up. and it just plain tastes good and feels fulfilling to please a man. its smooth going down and leaves a fresh aftertaste. mmmm! warm pudding!


Hey! just eat something thats going to stick to your stomach about an hour or 2 before you go out drinking an dont drink your drinks fast if your doing shots do every other around and drink water and please learn your limit so that you dont wake up next too OMG who is this!!! LOL!!!

drink as much as you can. and eat beforehand

because you are alcohol drunker


im the same, bike everywhere and drink a few nights in the week, have been drinking since i was 14?, im now 16.
my bet is if your fat and lazy you can drink more because you have a messed up heart, like my dad...he sitts down all day...he drinks loads.
if i go out with my friends and are planning on getting really drunk, i eat alot of food, mostly bread, so it soaks up the liquid faster...snf takes longer to get pissed

slow down with your drink aswell, i drank 2 bottles of vodka 8 bottles of larger and 2 bottles of cider, plus anything els i drank and carnt remember, but i was still standing at the end of the night

then another time i drank 3/4 bottle of vodka in about 15mins, it was straight, i was trying to outdrink a 26yr old as a joke, i was sick within 2 hours later and asleep within 5 mins after that lol


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