Which is worse, energy drinks or alcohol?!

Question: Which is worse, energy drinks or alcohol?
I think it's kind of funny how people will go all out saying how horrible Rockstar and Redbull are, yet I don't see half as many people saying anything against alcohol. Are energy drinks worse or are there just more people addicted to alcohol?


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Alcohol is worse.

Energy drinks are bad for you because of all of the sugar and caffeine it has in it. But, alcohol in my opinion is worse for you. Moderating the rate you consume alcohol is extremely important because you can do very stupid stuff when your drunk and even drive- which is one of the leading causes for teen deaths. Energy drinks and alcohol are both bad for you in different ways, there are more serious consequences for alcohol though.

Energy drinks have a lot of sugar and caffeine that causes a quick reaction to them and maybe headaches from withdrawal. Wine has a lot of sugar, depending on the sweetness. I think moderation for energy drinks and alcohol is needed. Energy drinks cost more than beer and wine, for example, so more people will drink alcohol.

Energy Drinks are not good for you at all
Alcohol has been shown to be healthy for you in MODERATION it can decrease the risks of certain diseases
Don't blame alcohol
Blame the people who don't have the intelligence to drink responsibly

My brain

Alcoholic drinks, could be much more pure. Take as example wine. You might have benefits by drinking small amounts. Energy drinks do not have any benefits. They are another soft drink with sugar sugar sugar, cafeine and more sugar

Oh come on, really. Alcohol is way worse than caffeine and sugar. (the main ingredient in most "energy drinks")


Ounce for ounce, the energy drink will be worse for you than the average beer.

Four Loko

You stay away from the alcohol......is what they are thinking

They are both good at times.

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