Was it alcoholic or just rotten fruit?!

Question: Was it alcoholic or just rotten fruit?
I work at a family owned burger restaurant that gets very little business. The other day when we were cleaning out the shake flavor containers, we noticed the pineapple (which is crushed pineapple and juice) smelled exactly like vodka. So of course we tasted it. It tasted like pineapple vodka. So my coworker and I challenged each other to a small drinking contest. We each drank a 20 oz cup with 1/4 part sprite but before we could drink more my boyfriend I work with drained the rest of it. Its good we didn't get drunk or sick, but we were both disappointed we didn't even feel a buzz. Could it have been alcoholic without adding yeast, or did we just drink bad fruit juice? Either way it was stupid, I'm just curious.


Well, if let stand long enough to ferment the fruit juice would turn into an alcoholic product. (there are natural yeast in fruits to help the fermentation along.) Inmates in prisons like taking orange juice and making homemade brew in containers that are kept in their toilets and using the orange skin for the yeast to help ferment. ) Only problem is that sometimes this kind of thing can also brew up some nasty little bacterial bugs to go along with it, ones that can make you extremely sick or worse.

it does sound like it went bad because when my juice went bad it tasted like alcohol i didn't get sick and it did taste ok but if it had waited any longer than it would have gotten mold.


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