what do you like about wine or alcohol ?!

Question: What do you like about wine or alcohol ?
what do you like about wine or alcohol ?


I love wine. Wine is has a whole science behind it. You can find local wines from place to place allover the world and each one has its good (most times :P). So many different tastes, colours, grapes, everything!!! Each wine is unique

I like the taste of red wine, beer, and some hard liquors.

The slight "edge-off" after a few drinks is not bad either. But I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much if I had to drink cheap vodka, $3 wine, and natural ice over nicer alcoholic beverages.

The taste. I really like trying new drinks and finding out with what dish or snack they go well. Like drinking a strong red wine with pork, or a sweet beer with beef.

The way it bubbles in the airlock and the way the yeast dances around the carboy when I brew it.

1 drink helps my insomnia.
Also, makes chores easier

jinda hoon to pilene do ............rog paida kar le tu jindgi ke vaste sirf sehth ke share jindagi nahi kat ti

The high.

takes the edge off

um what else? you get drunk! makes things a a lot more fun.

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