What Should I Do? (am druink right now btw)?!

Question: What Should I Do? (am druink right now btw)?
just to let you know i am writting this ion my phoen AND i am driunk so this might not make sense :P i feel rewally pathetic right now. why? easy i am not supposed to get drunk biut I am. im not supposed to have it didden under my bed but it is and Im not suppoed to let down my mom by getting drunk but I am it's just that I don't have anyone to turn to and i STILL havent told her that i have a problem with dxm. although; it sems like i have a problem with substnces in general. its like i get alcohol when i can but if i dont i will go for dxm and if i dont have that i will have something else. i cant seem to stp abusing something :/ i am a bad perosn what should i do? and yes i am aware tahts a dumb question to ask but imma ask it anyways :P


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Sober up and get drunk again but this time don't post remarks on any bolg.

the first step to getting better is admitting you have a problem. unfortunately you need to do this when you are clean & sober. the next step is asking for help, it is nothing to be ashamed of & there are a lot of places to choose from. get yourself into a program & go from there. you are not a bad person, you are an addict & that is something that can be remedied if you really want it, so go & get some help for yourself ok. all the best & good luck

personal experience

That is some awesome drunk phone texting! I mean it's a freakin' novel of epicness. Do you text this well sober?

To answer your question, what should you do drunk right now? Run down the street without your pants on. You need to escalate your cries for help. If that doesn't do it, it will at least start in motion the beginnings of one hell of a story to tell your grandkids or cellmate.

Good luck.


The little girl in ET, she grew up, by the time she was 13, she smoked, drunk, did LOTS of drugs, she had to go through rehab many times, all this is easily seen on IMDB,, her name is drew barrymore, it`s a slippery slope my friend, be careful, this type of thing can KILL !

Therapy, counseling, or addiction services (rehab) are your best bet. Take care of it now before you end up seriously hurting yourself.

shoot yourself

you miss are one party animal, so why would you want to stop. just look at this way, none of this **** will matter where we're going!. so why stop enjoying your self.

Go to bed!!!

Your drunk ??? NEVER!!! lolz

I too drink too much but im enjoying life. You only live once.

Geaux wiff ur mam two counceliing. Shezz in denial andd u knead helpp b4 itz two l8.

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