Question for Red Wine drinkers? Gamy & Beaujolais?!

Question: Question for Red Wine drinkers? Gamy & Beaujolais?
Some good brands or names to look for I mean. And I don't wanna spend too too much, like I don't want to spend more than say...25 bucks. I know that my local wine/liquor store has a bunch of these kinds but I don't want to buy something that is crap and get a bad first impression, I'm just starting to explore red wine.


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Check out varieties that are recommended from connoisseurs or recommended from your local wine store. Usually they have a description and ratings for each wine. Here is an example:…

I've tried a few Beaujolais this past year. I was disappointed with the Georges Duboeuf.
The Vissoux Chermette was a lot better, but my favorite is the Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages.
It's around $15 and well worth it.

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