What would be my alcohol tolerance?!

Question: What would be my alcohol tolerance?
I am 5'1 or 5'2 and 120 lbs I can't legally drink but I'm just curious to see how many I would need in order to get wasted Xd also Im like fifty percent irish sooo yah that might affect things. Oh and ima girl


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Well, I think your first time drinking you won't be able to take much at all! You kinda have to build it up.
It depends what you'd be drinking, but I reckon you'd probably be quite a lightweight (despite the Irishness!) :)

You need to go out there and test it out haha!

Personal experience...

Ones ethnicity does not play a part in how much one can drink to get, as you say "wasted". That fact is totally reliant upon your body, and your bodies ability to metabolize ETOH, or alcohol in whatever it is you are drinking. Every person has a different threshold of ETOH tolerance, but do yourself a favor. Avoid this type of drinking, it does not do the body good. If you drink, do so in moderation and most importantly "responsibly".

being irish wouldnt affect things. im irish too and that doesnt mean i can chug away at beers and be fine. the only thing i would asuuuume would affect you would be your height and possibly weight. The only way to truly know your tolerance is to test it. everyones different, seeming as i have a five foot cousin and she can drink all day and night and be fine so if you're a first time drinker maybe, a few shots and a beer? thats been my best estimate with some friends who started drinking. they're lightweights though... :/ heh

good luck with that and dont use it to purposley get drunk. alcohol poisonings a *****.

Your question is a bit bigoted.

However drink untill you start to feel tipsy and have a diet coke before you feel ready to have more.

No more than two glasses of wine, 3 pints of beer or one short in a session- if we want to be scientific.

3 pints of Guinness. Any more and you'll find out the pleasures of being drunk.

how much you can take without puking

Non existent at this time.

one beer should do you in

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