whats good ways to get away with underage drinking?!

Question: Whats good ways to get away with underage drinking?
im always getting caught for drinking im fed up with it! i live in scotland so its not like i can stay out all night or til i sober up? my mums so strict an she wants to talk to my friends mums and tells them to let her know if we come in drunk! i want to have a good time knowing theres nothing to worry about!
haha an btws? am only 13


Probably the best way is if you have an older sibling who can purchase the liquor and help you cover your tracks. If that's not the case, than the old, I'm going to bed, stay up, get drunk, screw around in your room till you sober up. Make sure you cut yourself off within around 4 hours of your Mum waking up and you should be good to go. Maybe on a Friday night would be good because then you won't be expected to get up early Saturday.

Personal experience.

i always carry deoderant, moisturiser and chewing gum/tictacs to cover the smell of alcohol/fags and if parents smell it i say other people were smoking
if your not drinking a lot then go home and go striaght upstairs and if parents talk to you then you just have to hope you wont act like a ret.ardd i can usually act preetty sober if i really have to and am not too drunk.
if you are properly out of it then sleep at a friends house, i only really get drunk at parties so i always sleep there...but dont tell my parents theres a party and just say im sleeping over-sooo much easier.
and to get the actual stuff, me and friends pay like £5 each and stand outside a newsagents (i know, classy) and ask people as they go in to get us some if they get the change or whatever. most people are only willing after like 6 00 or 7 00

im 13 too :)

imma get some thumb downs for thiss...

I am one person who believes that if you are old enough to die for your country, you are old enough to drink, but 13 is waaaaaaaaaaay under that limit there. Starting at such an early age will surely lead to a serious drinking problem later in life, not to mention the physical toll it will have on your body as you get older. Just don't do it.

well, yr too clumbsy.. don't make a big deal about it... and know those whom you can pay and those who always purchase beverages.. that they can just share with you ... and with you paying them i'm sure they're more than willing.

i drank underaged for ages.... no biggy, i just paid up my weekly allotment and my sibs, cousins, friends would just add that to the tab and purchase beer.. wine.. whatever came up... and then stored it in the cellar.. which we picked and choose from when we were thirsty for something.

but we were all just buzz drinkers.. not drunks, so we didn't attract unwanted attention.. nor did we throw parties or go out when we were popping... this is a secluded home/privacy where ever you can get it thing.... not public nor large grouping encouraged.

keep it small, tight and quiet.. and pay your way with those who are sensible and legal age.. you're fine.

You're 13? That's ridiculous, I'm not suprised your mum is being strict!
I'm 17, and my mum is still really strict although she does allow me to drink occasionally.
Wait till you're at least a bit older.
You don't need alcohol to have a good time!

don't drink at all because it's bad for you and then soon after your fist you'll get addicted. then you could possibly die from it.


Heres a idea... DONT DO IT!!! Thousands of people (mostly underage) die of achohol! Dont get youself addicted to young! Btw y would u want to underage drink anyway??

The law

just dont get that drunk that your mum will notice
an use mouth wash when you come in so your mum cant smell it

your thirteen thats gross
wait till your 15

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