Does Drinking Tea Make you go to the toilet more frequently?!

Question: Does Drinking Tea Make you go to the toilet more frequently?
It's Pure Insanity. I had my dinner and then I needed to go again. I usually drink about 7 cups a day to keep me awake. Is there a way to stop this continuous urination.


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Tea contains caffeine, caffeine is a diuretic.

Every other answer seems to be saying you are needing to go so often because of the amount you are drinking, and are ignoring the fact you are asking about Tea itself, and not just liquids.

Tea is comprised mainly of WATER. If you drink sufficient amounts of water, like the recommended eight 8 oz glasses of water a day, you will obviously urinate more frequently and that's a good thing. If you are drinking tea to stay awake, you are by your admission drinking 56 oz of WATER flavored with tea. Ergo, the more you drink, the more you pee. Did you really have to ask this question? I believe you have CSD. Common Sense Deprivation.

Yes, especially if you drink 7 cups or glasses a day will have you run to the bathroom quite often. Try drinking only 2 cups or glasses a day; you will notice a big difference. Also, you will get your rest as well and good luck to you.

You can stop this "continuous urination" by not drinking 7 cups a day, man. You should really only have about 2 at most.

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