tierd, spaced out, anxiety, confused feeling. 3 days after drinking alcohol?!

Question: Tierd, spaced out, anxiety, confused feeling. 3 days after drinking alcohol?
well i was out on saturday night and had quite a bit to drink, for me anyway. i'm not a big drinker, the last time i had a drink was christmas. i only had about 6 -7 vodkas and 2 glasses of white wine. paced throughout the night. and on sunday i was fine - perfect even. but yesterday and today i am feeling all the symptoms above. its a horrible feeling like i'm in a daze. i've noticed that i've gotten this a couple of times before and they usually last a couple of days, although i do not get it every time i drink. i went to the doctors today and told her and she looked at me like i was an idiot.
i know for a fact i was not spiked because i never left my drink the whole night and the people i was with are lovely.
so i was just wondering if anyone knows what this is - or has had it - or knows how to get rid of it.


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I'm a guy who stand 84 cm and weighs 19 stone, and 8-9 drinks would have an effect on me. Probably the first effect it would have is my ability to estimate how many drinks I really did have.

So lessee, you binge drink, several times after you drink you've felt bad, and you are puzzled as to what to do about it. And the doctor looked at you like you were an idiot. Sounds like an official medical diagnosis to me.

No I feel ill the next morning if I have had to much to drink and I do feel tired for a few days, maybe you should try and half the amount of alcohol you drink and see how it goes or drink a couple of glasses of water in between your alcoholic drinks, this makes your body less dehydrated and hopefully no hangover.

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