What should I take to drink..?!

Question: What should I take to drink..?
Basically, I've going to a house party this weekend. Which should be fun.

However, I'm really a 'lightweight'. After very small amounts of alchol, I usually get very drunk, very quickly, and usually throw up.

So far, just drinking wine made me throw up. And just drinking a coconutty rum thing made me throw up. And then just drinking vodka and lemonade made me throw up. I've managed to cope with cider, but I don't actually like it... And I'm fine with cocktails, but of course, in small quantities, and I can hardly make cocktails at a party...

I know, maybe I just shouldn't bother drinking. But I'm quite shy around people I don't know, and drinking just makes it a little... easier.

Any suggestions? Perhaps I could take a bottle of [something?!] and previously emptied out a load of it and just filled most of it up with lemonade. I can tell you now that trying to drink a bottle of ANYTHING will have very bad effects.

Basically. Something that's seriously low alcohol, and cheap...?


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Coffee or tea. You can't handle alcohol so you should not drink and make a fool of yourself. The caffeine in the coffee will make you more talkative.

Light beer; my favorite. I don't like full-strength beer, as it makes me incredibly thirsty.

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