Will I have high tolerance?!

Question: Will I have high tolerance?
My sister has a high tolerance to alcohol and shes 18 and like 100 pounds and i weigh about 140 and am 15...are our tolerances connected, will i also have high tolerance?


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Yeah usually alcohol tolerance has to do with genetics. If people in your family have a high tolerance, it is MUCH more likely that you will. But tolerance also has to do with weight and height in a way as well. You're only 140lbs so your weight could lower tolerance.

Of course there are ways to heighten your tolerance such as eating a lot before you drink, consume 8oz of water after each alcoholic beverage, and just plainly drinking a lot over time builds tolerance, etc.

Google "alcohol tolerance and genetics"

alcohol tolerance is a combination of:
and practice

you likely have a leaning towards higher tolerance if you have a close relative with higher tolerances... but since we can't tell you all the other factors, we can't tell you for sure.

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