What is the Darkest Beer brew available?!

Question: What is the Darkest Beer brew available?
Sam Adams cherry-wheat, smithwicks, and warsteiner are what I currently drink.

I'm looking for something darker if there is anything, quality and taste matter. Cherry Wheat this year seems lighter than usual anyone else notice?


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Coffee stouts. Dark roasted malts, such as black patent malt (the darkest roast), can lend a bitter coffee flavour to dark beer. Some brewers like to emphasize the coffee flavour and add ground coffee. Brewers will often give these beers names such as "Guatemalan Coffee Stout", "Espresso Stout", "Breakfast Coffee Stout", etc.

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came across this website. it's got a bunch of detailed reviews on american stouts. check it out...

the drunken polak - Tag Archives: American Stout

former bartender. worked in a bar that served 131 different beers.

Any beer on the following lists will be so dark sunlight will not shine through them.


Depending on where you live some of these beers will not be available to you. Some beers that have a very wide distribution are:

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout (18% alc)
North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
Storm King Stout
Stone Russian Imperial Stout
Samuel Smith Imperial Stout

- Thwaites shuttle
and 2nd is Bomber ale

l don drink beer, but lf l would, this would probably be it, seriously...

Imperial Stout. There is also Russian stout which has 9.5% alcohol content, but I'm not sure if you can import it to the U.S.

Coffee stout is good if you like coffee. Try a black ale. Have you had Rogue's Dead Guy? It is not the darkest but it has like 9%.

Try the barley wines. They use more malt than any other style and counterbalance it with lots of hops.

guiness stout

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