How much does a half keg of miller light cost?!

Question: How much does a half keg of miller light cost?
My 21st birthday party is sat night. I am getting a half keg. I have an empty quarter keg with a tap already. How much would it be to trade that in for a half keg and get it filled? I know i can call and ask but they are closed right now. Someone please help!


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Lousy question - lousy answers.
You probably get helpful ones if you'd ask an intelligent question, bro.
Prices vary greatly depending on locality. Tell us where you are - this is a world wide site and people avoid answering questions like this.

A half keg of Miller Lite cost half of what a full keg of Miller Lite costs.


It depends on the store/distributor and where you live. But any price is too much; get beer instead.

half of 4 times as much as half a half keg. duh.

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