i drank a beer not knowing my toddler dropped an aa battery inside. Whats gonna happen?!

Question: I drank a beer not knowing my toddler dropped an aa battery inside. Whats gonna happen?

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You seem to be an unfit mother, swilling beer and looking after a young child at the same time. Maybe some other people will be asking you questions soon.


If it was a fairly new battery and wasn't in there more than a few minutes, nothing will happen.

Risk 1: The battery was corroded and had acid built up on it. If it had time to soak, you've consumed some amount of a very diluted acid. It's probably not a risk given the amount likely to be on such a small battery. The bigger risk would be that your kid has acid burns on his hands now.

Risk 2: It soaked long enough to break down the seals on the end. Really low risk because the beer would have gone flat WAY before anything breached.

If the acid didn't leak out or if you didn't swallow the battery, you'll be fine.

Get yourself down a+e ASAP. Battery acid, even 0.002% will turn your stomach lining in to liquid sh*t.

There is battery acid in some illegal drugs. Don't worry, you may get high or dizzy but you'll be okay after a while.

Was your child's hands clean? Did he have the battery in his nose? These are details we need to answer this question.

Dude, you're totally turning into a mutant zombie who has to survive on human flesh

Nahh I don't know....

AA batteries are sealed, so you don't have to worry about acid. You might even get a charge out of it.

There's is now a greater chance you might get hit by lightning.


well swalling aa batterys with beer is a cause of cancer but as i dont give a sh*t about u i gess u will die

who knows. maybe your toddler is giving you a hint.

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