What is a good alcoholic drink to bring to a party?!

Question: What is a good alcoholic drink to bring to a party?
My friend is having a party in a few weeks, and and everyone is bringing some beer.
The problems is that I don't know many alcoholic drinks and which ones are best.
BUT. I'm currently 5'7 and 120 pounds, and planning to tone up and lose 5 pounds. (I have a bit of fat to squish on at my lower tummy), and I don't want to gain weight because of the alcohol.

If you have any suggestions about low fattening/caloric and great tastings alcohol drinks, please feel free to post anything!! Thanks guys!


Beer go for Bud light, or Millar lite. Bud is sweeter, Miller is more bitter. If you're on a budget Busch and Keystone are cheap, Keystone is very smooth for a cheap beer and Busch has good flavor for a cheap beer.

For good beer I like either Sam Adams or Dos Equis.

For Rum I recommend Sailor Jerry, unless you want a flavored rum in which case malibu is the way to go.

Vodka, I'd say get everclear and mix that with something, its VERY strong. Don't drink everclear straight, if you want to do that buy Svedka.

Jaeger is also a good option if you like licorice, if not it's still good with redbull

Tequilla is good but expensive, if you're into that I'd go for 1800.

Well you can always bring a type of rum or vodka, that way you can just add a splash to some fruit juice and make a cocktail out of it. Or you can try mixing Kettle One vodka with water and lemons. It'll taste like water with lemon and the alcohol tastes won't be strong but you will still get a buzz. Just do about a shot of vodka in a cup of water with lemons. Good luck! If you're that stressed about it, just don't bring any alcohol and opt for snacks :)

MGD 64, Budweiser Select, water, 100% grain alcohol.

How bout none

wat are u plannig to hav a orgy sor somethin


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