The best wine under 20?!

Question: The best wine under 20?

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Mezza Corona Pinot Grigio

~The Fat Man

This past Sunday my child bride asked me a similar question. She asked me because I make Mead and thought I might understand wine. Gawd I love gullible women!

What I did was to walk into a Liquor Store where I knew the owner knew wine and told him what my wife wanted - a bottle of semi-sweet, red wine with low acidity and low tannins. And Valhalla, he walked me over to a shelf and showed me exactly what I wanted.

There are two morals to this story.
The first is that I take care of women gullible enough to think sleeping with me is a good deal!
Second is that the sales of your local wine store is dependent on taking care of you!

Many wines fall into this category. I pair wine with food, not to get drunk. Perhaps you
should go to a local wine shop or supermarket with a wine section + ask an employee.

martini & rossi asti sparkling wine Its only like $10 my whole family loves it its awesome!

Black Tower! It's a white German wine and so wet and delicious! :D

My brain

Wine it sounds like a Paaaarrrrrttttttyyyy


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