where can i get altoids big tin?!

Question: Where can i get altoids big tin?

I have not seen the big altoid tins anywhere but I have seen the other round altoid tins on ebay. The big altoid tins are 10 ounces but the ones I see on ebay are only 1.76 ounces. A few years ago I had a big tin of altoids citrus and tangerine sours but I no longer have it. The sour altoids were discontinued along with the chewing gum altoids in early 2007 and have not been seen since. The flavors they have on ebay include tangerine, citrus, mango, apple, cherry, and raspberry sour altoids. There are only 5 tins up for auction of the cherry chewing gum altoids. They are rare and very hard to get. I do not know why they were discontinued because they were so good. good luck on finding the big tin.

heres where you can find them :








At a grocery store. Its a great place to put your weed at.

In the big tin store.

~The Fat Man

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