I can't seem to take a shot?!

Question: I can't seem to take a shot?
I can't seem to properly take a shot. I usually take it and leave it in my mouth and sip it down slowly. It takes me about 3 to 4 gulps and it sucks a lot cuz I'll gag sometimes. I've tried practicing with water and I still can't seem to swallow it in one gulp. It's very hard for me to do. I wonder if its something wrong with me and my throat? I wonder if theres anyone out there that has had this same problem but was able to master the technique, or still is not able to do it.


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my friend is the exact same way with shots he can sometimes do a full shot when he is fully drunk but when he is just starting to drink he just gags and sisps it then has to chase it with a whole soda or something. me on the other hand can just take a huge gulp with no problem and dont have to chase it at all.

Well the point is too just shoot it down quickly. Relax the throat, and throw it back as quickly as possible. No need to swallow if you do it quickly. You can also try doing mixed shots, such as a glass that has a devider to pour juice or cola with equal amount of your alcohol. Maybe your not cut out to do shots, some people don't like shots or whiskey, vodka, etc all together and its nothing to be ashamed of. Just stick too beer etc.

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