i need good tasting alcoholic drinks that will get me messed up?!

Question: I need good tasting alcoholic drinks that will get me messed up?
i need alcoholic drinks for my birthday party. i am young but i need to get wasted so i need some good tasting strong alcoholic drinks.


Well your young and i strongly advise against it, but i cannot stop you. I would advise some captain morgan rum and pepsi or coke. Or buy some good old fashioned beer. You can also buy some vodka for cheap and mix it with orange juice or other juices. Bourbons (jim beam, ten high etc) are usually mixed with cola's and drunk straight, Gin (nasty straight) is usually mixed with juices, Vodka (just tastes like alcohol, my fav.) is usually mixed with juices as well as energy drinks (awesome but can be dangerous). If you do drink, keep it inside and don't over do it. Also make sure you keep hydrated by drinking equal parts water, or the best is some gatorade. get the biggest bottle of it, two of em and drink one at night while drinking and one in the morning. It will help with the hangover's because hangovers are the result of dehydration and depletion of electrolytes among other vitamins. Eat a good dinner and hearty breakfast with lots of protein and other good stuff to minimize hangovers. Also don't chug alcohol, that can wind up to getting drunk too fast which isn't fun because you will most likely black out, make an *** of yourself and pass out while vomiting (not fun). Drink slowly and enjoy yourself that way you accumulate a good buzz throughout the night.

You say messed up. That is not the point of drinking alcoholic drinks. Any kind of alcohol will get you messed up, but if u do any kind of research, you will see the downfalls of alcohol abuse. The object is to be one of the people in your group of friends that does not let the alcohol get the best of her. If you need alcohol to have fun, then you should seek some professional help. If at all, you should drink just to relax a little and enjoy free time with friends and family. That means responsibly keeping track of alcohol consumption so you don't lose control of your actions.

Pornstar (sourpuss and blue curaco)
Jagerbomb (jagermeister and red bull)
Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice)
Cape Codder (vodka and cranberry juice)
Madras (vodka and orange juice and cranberry juice)
Bloody Mary (vodka and tomato juice/V8)
Bloody Caesar (vodka and clamato juice)
Blue Bomber (blue raspberry vodka and lemonade)
Rum and Coke (rum and coke)
Vodka and ginger ale (vodka and ginger ale)
Sambuca and water (sambuca and water)
Tequila and apple juice (tequila and apple juice)

My brain

well, i would try to start off with some either mikes hard lemonade or smirnoff ices. both of them just taste like a fizzy lemonade there is not much alcohol in them. if you would like more alcohol percent in them just try to make some gin and juice just add some gin to any juice it is very good.

If you are looking for strong, you might want to check out some of these manly drinks at liquor live. Be careful though because some are really really strong.


liquor live

Take it from me... most alchohol tastes REALLY bad. There's usually no hiding that strong, burning flavor. Maybe an apple martini?

Oh yeah... almost forgot.. ALCOHOL IS VERY BAD DON"T EVER DRINK IT. Okay, I'm done being responsible.

Vodka and redbull, captain and coke, Jameson and Ginger ale. Vodka and anything basically. And get a dirty girl scout shot. Girls love those.



Don't get messed up.......you're young.......take it easy.....have fun but know what you're doing

Jack Daniels is nice

metho. there's a reason all the abbos like it. Good and cheap.

vodka and O.J.
its cheap and easy to make

drinking kills..

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