How much do people remember after being drunk?!

Question: How much do people remember after being drunk?
How much do you remember in the next day if you drink a lot of alcohol, and how much do you remember if you drink a little, and how much do you remember if you drink too much?


I know when I've gotten really drunk. The next day I remember everything that went on. I guess that's just me though everyone is different!

I have never drank enough to throw up but I sometimes drink enough to get tipsy, slur my words, be very silly and sometimes have difficulty walking straight. Only once have I not been able to remember anything and that was in combination with a prescription pill I mistakenly took with the alcohol that probably magnified the effect. My memories are sometimes fuzzy but if I think hard enough I remember everything.

Depends. What do you mean by 'drunk'? Stumbling, delirious, slobbering and sloshed passing out horrible stomach cramps drunk? Mild buzz?
Kids mostly use the term 'drunk' as in you're either sober or drunk. It's black or white, with no colours in between. OK so they're just learning and know not what feels good. Now I know when another drink will not make me feel any better, something kids need to learn!

But to answer your question - I usually remember everything, whether I want to or not!

If I'm hammered, I remember here and there stuff like a convo, not why or who or how it started. I usually find out from friends what I was doing while drunk. Ill get a pic of me with my pants off or something like that. Then I'll try to fill in the blanks.

I remember everything when I drink little or alot I'm always on my p & q's

Usually not too much.

Sorry what did you ask again, I forgot.
Just an example of how rubbish my memory is and that's when I'm not drinking! Says it all really.

all depends on the person

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