Whats the best way to stop drinking?!

Question: Whats the best way to stop drinking?
I have been drink since I was 15, almost 8 years now, but recently alcohol really brings me down and I just don't enjoy it as much as a used to. However, I am trying to be more social lately and that includes going to parties where people drink, and sometimes I just can't help myself. Whats the best way to still be social, while at the same time, avoiding drinking all together?


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Just keep saying no thank you every time someone should ask you if want a drink and don't let anyone ever make you feel intimidated to drink.

Start going to church instead of to drinking parties. Because this is the kind of socializing, where you won't get peer pressure to drink alcohol.

If you want to stop drinking, then you need to avoid situations where you will have temptations to drink. And instead you need to make friends with people who don't drink and who will discourage you from drinking.

People do influence each other. And for this reason you need to change the kind of friends you have, in order to change the kind of influence you have in your life.

i had the same prob a while ago, the best thing is doing drugs, but be aware of overdose, take them only if u think u need a drink.
If you feel that drugs isn`t the path that suits u the most , u can still drink beer, but cut the spirits, like vodka gin and other crap. Beer and wine are good, obsiously not too much as even water may result in hyponatremia. so balance is the key.

drink less each time, hang around those who dont, watch/read articles about drinking and how to stop.

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